Thank you for taking your time in reading this introduction to PilotPure, Inc.

What does PilotPure Do?

  • PilotPure’s process treats produced water using a proprietary ElectroDynamic Oxidation and Organism Kill (EDOK) technology.
  • PilotPure’s process accelerates the drop out of iron, produces sterile treated water and eliminates organism growth for a period of 7 days and longer.
  • PilotPure’s system produces a consistent fluid chemistry for delivery to the frac tank which significantly reduces costs for a more successful and economic frac.
  • PilotPure’s process puts emphasis on sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) because of clear links to the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
  • PilotPure’s system produces a fluid that is <3 ppm of iron from influents.
  • PilotPure’s system produces a final product of 2-5 ATP pg/ml from input up to 5000 ATP pg/ml.
  • PilotPure’s process does not use chemicals.

Where is PilotPure Working?

  • Technology developed in 2012. Ongoing R&D enhancements through 2021.
  • Prototype operations in Howard county initiated in October, 2021.
  • PilotPure has remediated 8 million barrels of produced water to date.
  • PilotPure has constructed a fixed remediation facility In Howard county that will receive and remediate up to 200,000 barrels of produced water per day (84 MM bbls/year).

What Does PilotPure’s Process Cost?

  • PilotPure does not charge for mobilization or demobilization and absorbs all energy costs for its operations where an electrical grid is available.
  • Cost per barrel is dependent on length of contract and daily volume requirement.  Cost per barrel will range from between $.26 (cents) and $.10 (cents).
  • Mobile and fixed facility system options are available.
  • PilotPure’s system design services are included in the cost of the system.
  • PilotPure can also design and construct drop-out and storage pits for aggressive fracking programs.